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Get a Life at Sea’s cruise ship employment focused products and services provide comprehensive information regarding how to secure an onboard cruise ship position.

However, in the end, there are just too many variables involved regarding whether or not you will be successful in obtaining an onboard role, including (but not limited to); your past experience, qualifications, interview performance, health status, English ability etc., to make any guarantees.

My products and services are based on the information I have obtained from working onboard cruise ships for 10 years, in addition to the knowledge that I have gathered during my 6+ years of shore-side cruise line recruitment experience.

I am confident that my Cruise Ship Starter Kit, How the Heck to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship Guide, Cruise Ship Jobs 101 online course as well as my Coaching, Consult and Resume Creation Services, WILL maximize your chances of getting hired with any cruise line that you apply to, however, I cannot, and do not, guarantee employment and/or placement.

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