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Why get a Resume Consult?

The honest truth: Cruise Lines and associated agencies receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications every single day. It goes without saying that your Resume/CV needs to stand out!

What are current Cruise Ship Crew saying about the ‘Resume Consult Service?

“Amanda’s consult & coaching services helped me immensely. Her passion for helping people find cruise ship jobs is undeniable and she always goes above and beyond.”

Anita Wing Lee

Seasonal Youth Staff, Princess Cruises

“Get A Life At Sea is where you need to start before applying anywhere for cruise ship employment! Amanda’s unique perspective as a former cruise line recruiter gave me a reality check and helped me to really get organized regarding my cruise ship applications. I have loved every minute of working together with her!”

Janine MacIntyre


Did you know that most cruise ship applications are placed in a special file called the ‘Trash Bin?’

Why is this?
Simply put it’s because most applicants don’t know what position to even apply for or they don’t state any position at all or worse yet, state whatever position they think the reader deems appropriate.
You as an applicant NEED TO KNOW what position you are applying for and what that specific role is referred to with that particular cruise line.
A professional Resume Consult will provide you with this vital information and so much more!
A Resume Consult is the first step in your cruise line employment pre-application process.

What is included in a Resume Consult?

Resume Consult

A 30 min Skype Coaching Call including:

A full review of your current Cover Letter and Resume.

Recommendations for changes and recommendations for your best options regarding associated and relevant onboard positions.

A catered application strategy designed just for you regarding which lines to apply to, exactly who to apply to and how to properly implement your cruise ship application strategy.

BONUS! The How the Heck to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship Guide!

* You will also receive a recording of your call so you can refer back to it at any time.
Note: Should your Resume not provide any relevant experience for an onboard role at present, recommendations will be made for potential shore-side work experience that will provide you with cruise line relevant work history to apply at a later date

VIP Resume Consult Level

Everything as listed above PLUS:

1. 30 Days of additional email support while you go through the cruise line application and interview process! Up to 3 emails per week.

2. Additional Cover Letter and Resume screen recorded video reviews and recommendations. Up to 2 per week during your 30 days of support.

Benefits to You!

– A Resume Consult from ‘Get A Life At Sea’ will help save your application from ending up in a recruiter’s ‘Trash Bin.’
– A Resume Consult will also help save you from the angst and worry associated with applying to cruise lines.
– A Consult will help to get your application to the top of the ‘SEA of Resumes’ on the desk of the correct cruise line recruiter for your exact requested position!

If you’re ready to ‘Get a Life at Sea!’ then please follow the directions below:

Step 1
Step 2

Fill out the online form.

Step 3

I will be in contact via email with you within 1-3 days after purchase regarding next steps. You should receive your completed Resume Consult via email within 10-14 business days from purchase & resume draft receipt.

Step 4

Get on your way to the job of your dreams!

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