Cruise Ship Job Resume Tips – The Number 1 thing NOT to put on your cruise application or cruise resume!

So, this is a huge thing for me after having viewed literally thousands of cruise line resumes and applications over the last 15 years!

The number one thing I have seen, that people tend to put at the top of their resume, which pretty much guarantees that their resume ends up either being deleted or put in the shredder is;

*putting ‘ANY’ after the ‘Job Objective’ section on the cruise line application or as part of their ‘Objective’ on their resume.

I realize that many people do this in order to SEEM more flexible, however, what most don’t realize is that initially their resume ends up in the inbox, or on the desk of, an assistant recruiter who’s sole job is to open and skim resumes (for about 5-10 seconds each) and then forward that resume to the correct department. If you put ANY as a position on your resume it basically says ‘I don’t know what position I want’ to that initial reviewer. Due to the fact that the reviewer has another 500-1000 resumes to open that day your ‘ANY Resume’ (most often) gets deleted or shredded.

As harsh as this sounds it IS the reality when it comes to cruise line applications.

TIP: If you are truly qualified for more than one position then create more than one resume specifically catered to each position you are applying for. Again, this is due to the fact that your resume will be directed to the specific department you are applying for. If you use just one resume and apply for multiple roles, that resume will (most likely) only end up going to one department. Each department representative will NOT take the time to run your resume around to each department you applied for on a resume that notes multiple positions.

So remember, ONE resume per role applied for and cater that resume specifically to the ONE role you are applying for.

I hope this post was useful to you!

If you have more questions please feel free to contact me via my contact page or chat with me LIVE on periscope @getalifeatsea

Happy Sailing

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