Cruise Ship Jobs 101 Online Course

From a full review of ship life to a comprehensive overview of onboard departments, positions and associated salary structures, to cover letter and resume prep, all the way through to exactly how to nail your interview - This course is your one-stop-shop to landing your dream cruise ship job today!

I’m Amanda and I work with adventurers that want to scrap their conventional land lubbing life in exchange for a life of adventure and travel on the high seas!

Let’s not kid ourselves here – you and I both know that your current lifestyle isn’t serving you or doing your travel dreams any favours.
Amanda from Get a Life at Sea

After helping dozens of clients secure cruise ship job interviews with major international cruise lines and assisting them further with their transition to a life at sea I know that right now you are:


NOT excited about heading to your current job each day.


Browsing cruise line websites and watching YouTube vids of what it’s like to work onboard anytime you have a free moment.


Spending 90 % of your work day daydreaming of white sand beaches, turquoise waters and far off exotic locals.


Eating, sleeping and constantly thinking about travel!

If this sounds anything like your life right now then know you’re in the right place.

After working onboard for over a decade I went into cruise ship recruitment for another 6+ years. During that time, on average, I reviewed between 500-1000 cruise ship applications per day.

Sadly most of these applications ended up in the trash.

Why? Simply put it was and is because most candidates don’t know what position to specifically target that matches their already existing work history. Since there were hundreds of other resumes to look at, and only seconds in which to do so, I saw ‘good’ and even ‘great’ applications end up in the trash due to simple mistakes.

What are current Cruise Ship Crew saying about
Get a Life at Sea’s Products and Services?

“I don’t usually need so much hand holding but I must say, I really would have been lost without you! Having your feedback has dramatically increased my confidence in my application process.”

Deborah Arnold, USA

“Thank you so much for your help through this entire process. Crazy to think in exact 1 week I will be in Miami getting ready for my Life at Sea!! Not only will I be in the Caribbean I will be able to set foot in countries throughout Europe and the Mediterranean!!”

Samuel Riley, USA

“There would be no way that I would be where I am today without this information. If you action what is in this package within a week you can get employed onboard like I was.”

Vee Vale, Australia

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m just finishing up training in Miami tomorrow and the cruise line offered me a contract today!!! I will start as an associate at the end of the month!!! I’m so excited. This would not have happened so smoothly without you and I am forever grateful for Get A Life At Sea.”

Keasha Warrington, Canada

Introducing Cruise Ship Jobs 101

A fully comprehensive cruise ship employment program for driven and motivated adventurers wanting to get on their way to a life at sea!

Frustrated with scouring the internet trying to find valid and legitimate information on how the heck to get a cruise ship job? Sick and tired of applying to cruise line after cruise line yet hearing nothing, treading water and going nowhere? 


Are you doing what you believe are all the right things when it comes to applying to a cruise line but still have no call backs, interviews or solid leads when it comes to gaining a job on a cruise ship?


You want to land your ideal cruise ship job with the perfect cruise line for you!


You want to get paid to see the world while developing yourself both personally and professionally!


But more than anything you just want to break out of the drudgery of life on land and start your new adventure of a life at sea!

In fact, this is the before story of almost every client I have worked with to date. And as a Cruise Ship Employment Specialist with over 15 years of industry specific experience, I get it, I really do.

After having worked onboard cruise ships for over a decade and then in cruise ship recruitment for over 6 years and now having started and successfully run for over 2 years with dozens of clients now securing interviews with major cruise lines and joining their first ships within weeks of working with me. I can honestly say I’ve got the Cruise Ship Specialist formula for success!

I’ll provide you with your formula to success regarding cruise ship employment.

Stop spending countless hours sifting through piles of generic cruise ship research! That doesn’t equal success. Not even close.

You’re dedicated, smart and driven. You do whatever it takes to research everything there is to know about working onboard a cruise ship. Because of this, you feel confident in some of the information you have located online…

…but the truth is when you ingest TOO much non-essential information and invalid information regarding cruise ship employment it actually confuses you to the point that you are now in – not even sure where the heck to even begin your cruise ship application and hiring process.

You are stuck, working so hard – yet – consistently and constantly spinning your wheels all without making any solid progress towards your life of adventure at sea.

You’ve probably already applied to a few cruise lines only to hear crickets and become more and more frustrated and defeated with each unanswered application email.

Despite all your cruise ship job research, resume tweaking and online application submissions you’ve found yourself still working in job you don’t truly love and living for the weekend and your 2 weeks of vacation a year.

Want to know what’s missing? Cruise industry insider information!

When you have must-know knowledge regarding cruise ship application and hiring processes you’ll have the information you need to make your travel dreams reality.

When you know for 100% certain that you are applying for the right cruise ship position for you, that you are sending your application to the exact right recruiter, for the perfect cruise line – amazing things will start to happen in your life!

Just Imagine:


Knowing ALL of your best options when it comes to the perfect cruise ship job for you!


Having the PERFECT cruise ship job cover letter and resume so that you truly stand out in the sea of thousands of other applications cruise lines receive each and every day.


Not just sending in your application via a generic upload link online but personally emailing your information to the exact right recruiter and hiring partner manager for your desired cruise line.


Being fully prepared for your cruise ship job interview – whether it be in person, phone or via Skype.


Landing your dream job and starting your life at sea!

But you only get these kinds of results when you start investing in yourself with the same energy that you daydream of your life sailing the world!

Is This For You & What’s Inside?!

Who’s right:

Individuals who are adventurers at heart.


Action takers who can think outside of the box.


Those who thrive under difficult circumstances in ever changing and multi-cultural environments.


Your number 1 goal is to provide amazing service to others while seeing the world!


You are ready to put in the work and do what it takes to land your dream job.

Who’s probably not right:

This program is not for those looking to send 1 generic resume out in the easiest way possible.


This program is not for the linear thinker.


This program is not for the home body, who dislikes change.


This program is not for those who’s priority is only travel vs. providing amazing experiences to others.


This program is not for those not willing to put in the work to make their dream of working onboard a reality.

Module Breakdown

By the time our work together is done you’ll be a Cruise Ship Employment Specialist in your own right. I’ve designed this program so you can get access to all the guidance, information and strategy you need to land your dream cruise ship job without having to make any other high-ticket investments.
Module 1

Shipboard Departments, Structure & Hierarchy

Module 2

Onboard Positions, Contract Lengths, Requirements, Duties, Salaries & Promotional Options

Module 3

How to Select the Best Cruise Line for You!

Module 4

Document Reimbursements & Company Covered Costs, Joining Paperwork & Life on Board!

Module 5

How to Apply

Module 6

Cruise Ship Cover Letters and Resumes and Application Tips!

Module 7

Interview Tips

Module 8

Scam Recruitment Firms & How to Avoid Them!

*Bonus Video

How To Thrive During Your Life at Sea!

…more praise for Get a Life at Sea!

“I have loved every minute working with Amanda. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm keeps you motivated when going through the difficult process of getting a job on a cruise ship. Her unique perspective as a former recruiter gave me a reality check and helped me to get organized. Get A Life At Sea is where you need to start before applying anywhere for cruise ship employment!”

Janine MacIntyre, Canada

“I’m writing this from my bunk onboard my first ship! Just having you there throughout my whole hiring process was not only useful but comforting. You have such strong connections to the cruise industry and I’m proof that if a confident person gets ahold of the information you provide the job is done! You’ll be at sea like me!”

Steve Neweduck, Canada

Course Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this program guarantee me a position onboard?
Great question and I do need to say – there are just too many variables involved regarding whether or not you will be 100% successful in obtaining an onboard position after you complete this course including (but not limited to), your past experience, qualifications, interview performance, health status, English ability etc., to make any guarantees.

What I can tell you is that this program is based on invaluable information that I have obtained working onboard cruise ships for over 10 years, in addition to the knowledge that I have gathered during my 6+ years of recent shore-side cruise line recruitment experience.

I am confident that the course WILL maximize your chances of getting hired with any line that you apply to.

2. Will this program help me with all the aspects of the cruise line application process?
Yes, this program walks you through every step of the process when it comes to gaining employment onboard a cruise ship in the perfect position and with the exact right line for you.
3. How long will I have access to course materials?
For LIFE!! This program will be updated consistently and all purchasers will receive lifetime access to the course.
4. Will this program help me even if I already have worked onboard a cruise ship before?
Yes, even if you are a seasoned crew member the course includes vital information regarding promotional steps and streams you can follow to move up through the ranks once you are onboard.
5. Will I be able to receive additional support as part of the program?
Yes, if you choose the VIP Level you will be provided with an additional 9 weeks of support during the course’s typical run-time.

Cruise Ship Jobs 101 is Here!

Imagine in just a few weeks you could have multiple interviews with major cruise lines! Don’t look back a year from now and regret the choice you didn’t make today.


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